What We Do

First things first. We are not just a pharmacy that looks after your medication. Our team understands that all of us together contribute to your health and well-being. Our satisfaction comes from the service level we provide to you professionals, and most importantly, as humans.



Custom made pharmaceuticals made in a safe way to ensure it fits the unique requirements for our patients. They can be used for cosmetics, pain, hormone replacement therapy.



We deliver to everywhere within the GTA within 48 hours of when you place your order and we ensure procedures are in place to deliver your prescriptions and OTC products in a safe and confidential manner.


Medication Reviews

Whether you are a patient at our pharmacy or not. If you have queries about your or your loved one's medications, please feel free to contact us.



Due to certain circumstances, if you cannot come to us, we will send a pharmacist to you to discuss your needs whether this is over the phone or to personally make a visit to your residence.


Compliance Packaging

If you have a hard time remembering if or when to take certain medications, we can organise them in a way to suit your therapy and schedule. We use Eco-PillĀ® packages which is a Canadian company offering recyclable and environmentally-friendly packaging.


Transfer Prescriptions

If you are happy with our service, we can transfer your prescription to our pharmacy in order to maintain all safety precautions are in place if you are prescribed an alternative medication by one of your doctors.


Opiod Addiction & Treatment

All our pharmacists are trained in providing therapy for patients suffering from opioid addiction. We are also trained to provide at-risk patients Naloxone kits which is used for opioid overdose.

Questions? Reach out or come visit us.